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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nicholas Stories

I forgot one thing yesterday on my 11 month post - Nicholas has been giving big wet open mouth kisses. I ask him if he wants to give mommy a kiss and he leans forward (sometimes) and gives a kiss while making a little sound effect. It's rather cute. I think he also understands the word hug as he will give hugs too.

And last night, we went to Cos*tco to get some diapers and because we would be getting home too late, we went out to eat. Nicholas is really wanting to feed himself these days. He likes finger foods the best. Last night, he had a spoon and reached to his food jar with the spoon (after a few missed attempts), got some food out and put it directly to his mouth. He did this several times! Yay Nicholas - on the road to feeding himself. I look forward to that - it will be so easier when he can feed himself on a regular basis.



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