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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OB Appointment - Week 29

I went to my OB appointment yesterday (though it was with the Nurse Practitioner b/c my OB is on vacation and last week's visit was cancelled). Everything seems to be going o.k. They did another FFN and I haven't gotten the results yet. This was about the time that I got a positive with the twin pregnancy.

I got to hear the heartbeat and she measured my belly. Next time I go in (in 2 weeks), I need to do the glucose test - which I should have done sooner than this, but they just now gave me the stuff to drink.

Getting to and from the appointment was the worst part of the whole thing. Because of the snow and the OB's office being up on a hill, it was a bit scary. The roads were bumpy and there were a lot of cars trying to get up and down the hill. Hopefully, in two weeks, the snow will be gone and it will be less traumatic to get up there. My husband was not able to make it in time b/c no busses were running from UW to First Hill, so he walked in hopes of getting there. He was just showing up as I was leaving.

When I got home, we checked our mail and saw a bill from the place that does the testing for the FFN. The last test I had done about a month ago - which should be covered by insurance - was not. I called Aetna, and apparently, my doctor coded it wrong and so because of that, I have to pay the whole thing out of pocket unless my doctor will change the code. And they're closed now for me to get that taken care of today. When I had this test done last time with the twin pregnancy, it was billed under a code of threatened premature labor and this time, it was billed under threatened abortion. The reason they are doing the test is for the former reason, so I'm thinking that they'll change it. I hope so b/c I didn't have to pay for it last time and it's $330 each time (and I have a feeling I'll have this test done again before the pregnancy is over).

That's about it. I'll update once I hear the results from the test which it doesn't look like will be today with the OB office closed now.



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