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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Busy Weekend & Update

Things have been really busy at home and at work that I haven’t had a chance to blog about our weekend until now.

Saturday morning, I went off quickly to go to a sale one of the multiples groups I belong to was having. I didn’t end up getting a stroller like I had hoped, but I did get some new toys for them (including an xylophone that I seem to more interested in than Ben & Ella). I also got them bear backpacks – so cute! How could I resist for just $1 each?

After that, we got ourselves ready to go to a friend’s wedding. We stayed through the ceremony and the appetizer part of the reception, but not the meal part. The babies were getting restless and there really wasn’t a good place to let them sit except for our laps and well, that wouldn’t work too well. It was a really sweet ceremony. I was amused by the fact that their exit song was “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns ‘N Roses. I wish I could remember the song that the bride walked down to because it was a really sweet song. The song the bridesmaids walked down to is a favorite of mine – Iz’s version of What a Wonderful World/Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And just so everyone knows – I will get weepy at wedding even if I’m not particularly close to either party.

Anyway, Ben & Ella were mostly good and people kept commenting how well behaved they were. Though it was rather embarrassing that when Ella kept squirming around in my arms that the dress I was wearing would flip open to show a little more of my legs than I would rather show.

Later on that night, Jon’s mom and sister came over to watch Ben & Ella for us as we went to a friend’s concert she was having. Jon was playing guitar and drums for her. If you haven’t listened to her music yet, please do – it is really great. My personal favorites are “Anyone but Allyson” and “Girl I am Inside” from her older stuff and “Backseat Driver” and “Afraid I Won’t Say No” and “Hey Man” from her new stuff . If you are interested in her new CD, let me know or you contact her directly on how to get the CD for yourself. It was a great concert. And afterward, I even did some karaoke!

On Sunday morning, we went off to a friend’s house for a little playdate not only for the children but also for the adults too. :-D The babies played and we each took turns playing Guitar Hero – just so everyone knows – I suck, but I still have a good time playing it.

After that, we tried to get some stuff done around the house and just hung out. I took Monday off so I could clean our upstairs room that desperately needed to be done. Next up, is the downstairs room. As soon as we get some baby clothes out of that room, it will be a little nicer. Oh, and I still need to sell our car seats and double snap ‘n go stroller. I’ve been meaning to put that on craigslist.

And work is just crazy busy, but I had to take a break or I just might go crazy. Tonight, we have a friend coming over with her 2 month old baby – it will be her first time meeting our babies and our first time meeting hers. She’s also going to take some of our boy clothes from us. And that reminds me – some of the 12 month stuff isn’t fitting Benjamin. Either the stuff is shrinking or my son is growing way too fast. Ella is finally wearing 9-12 month clothing. She’s getting to be a great crawler and is now attempting to stand all on her own. Benjamin, I think, got up on his hands and knees yesterday. I say I think because it happened so fast, I just wasn’t sure and he wouldn’t do it again. Stinker. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but he LOVES standing. You’d think he’d learn to pull himself up then, but no, not yet. He finds standing and hitting this little table we have for them hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s the table or the cartoon characters on the table that amuses him so much.

Oh, and one more thing. Ella is very fond of her toothbrush. You try to take it away from her and she screams! If only she was actually brushing her two teeth. We brush her teeth, then give her the toothbrush to “brush” her own teeth. And Ella knows to pick up the finger foods and put it in her mouth. She keeps taking the puffs and chewing on them with her two teeth, and sometimes gets into her mouth. Benjamin will pick it up and put it into the palm of his hand and play with it though I know he knows it’s for eating.

O.K. That’s it for now!

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  • At 5:36 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

    Sounds like quite the eventful weekend!

    Yay for the standing! It doesn't seem like it's possible that it's time for them to start doing that yet!

  • At 10:31 AM , Blogger beagle said...

    Those sales are such a great idea, babies grow too fast to wear most of that stuff our.

    Enjoy YOUR new xylophone! LOL!


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