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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend

After I got home from my acupuncture appointment and we packed up everything in the car, all four of us went on our way to Spokane. It was Benjamin & Ella's first trip to Spokane and my first trip since last April.

It took a long time to get there. Benjamin & Ella were good most of the way, but the last 2 hours were not fun because the sun was in their eyes and we didn't have anything we could do to help with that except stop every so often to relieve them. So it took us 7 hours to get there. 7 HOURS!

Once we got there, they were o.k. though since they hadn't seen my family in 6 months, my family was like strangers to them so they weren't too happy to be held by anyone but Jon and I. Eventually, they warmed up to them though but still they liked it when one of their parents was in the room. It is always fun to have two babies who don't know how to stand quite yet on their own pull themselves up on you.

Friday night, we didn't do too much. Saturday was a busy day. My aunt and grandmother come over to visit for a little while. When they left, we went over to my sister's house. We were going to go to my other grandmother's place, but the WSU basketball game was on at that time, so she had to watch it and didn't want visitors. A basketball game is more important than meeting your great grandchildren. I have to say I was a little hurt by that. So instead of going over to my grandmother's, we went to go get something to eat and then off to Babies 'R Us to buy some shades for the car (we bought these shades that supposedly stick to the windows, but they don't). After that, we went back to my sister's for a bit before getting the o.k. to go over to my grandmother's. I was a little nervous about going over there because I knew my babies were getting tired and ready to go to bed for the night, but we went over anyway so my grandmother and my aunt (whose house it is) can meet them. My aunt's grandchild was there at the time - I don't know if I had ever met her before or if I have, it was a long time ago.

Sunday, we spent the entire day at my parent's house. My sister and her kids came over (but not her husband). Benjamin & Ella had their first Easter egg hunt - I don't think they were too excited about that. ;-D They also got some cool toys from the Easter Bunny. Later on, my aunt and her husband came over along with her husband's sister. It was funny while my aunt was holding Benjamin, Benjamin was super excited by everything that his cousins were doing. Ella liked them but wasn't nearly as excited by them as Benjamin. It was really cute to see. At another point in the day, Ella played cards with my dad. I have pictures of both things, so eventually I'll post them to flickr.

After everyone had left and the babies were in bed, I watched Children of Men. What a bad adaptation that was. It was NOTHING like the book. There were a few things that were the same, but they changed A LOT.

On Monday, we made our goodbyes to both my grandmothers and my sister, then we went on our way. Things were much better on the way home for the babies since the sun was in our eyes and not theirs, but about 30-40 minutes left in the trip, Benjamin cried the whole way. I thought it was just because he was hungry, but I think he might have gotten a bit of heat rash. His rash seems better, but his voice is still a little hoarse. Poor guy.

Surprisingly, neither baby was put off by the fact that they were sleeping in a different bed or in a different place. In fact, I think Ella enjoyed having her parents in the same room as her. Both babies slept the entire night and didn't cry at all when we put them in their beds.

Well, that's about all I can remember of the weekend. We had a good time (except for the car rides to and from - luckly, the pass was great). I'll hopefully get those pictures uploaded soon and onto flickr.



  • At 7:12 PM , Blogger Chad said...

    I didn't read the book so I don't know how bad of an adapation it was, but it was still a wonderful movie.


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