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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Twin Talk & December

Those of you who read both this blog and my other one will notice that this post is exactly what I wrote on the other one. I'm just lazy today, and I don't remember reading that each post for NaBloPoMo has to be unique (of course, I didn't look either).

Yesterday afternoon when I finally got to the daycare (after spending 45 minutes trying to get from First Hill to Shoreline), I went straight to my babies and said hello to them. They smiled. Then the day care provider (DCP from now on) asked me if I wanted to sign the babies out (apparently, I was supposed to be doing this all this time), so I said yes just as soon as I was reaching down to get Ella. I went to go over to sign the book, and I think Ella thought I was leaving her again as she started to cry Jon was telling me that the DCP told him that Ella will cry when he leaves in the morning. Aww sweetie! Mommy and papa don't want to leave you! I quickly signed them out and went to go pick up Ella. She was a happy girl...until later when she had gotten tired of playing in the exercauser and well, wanted to sleep. She was a bit mad at me for making her wait until I could finish putting the silverware in the dishwasher (we desperately needed more bottles cleaned). Her little face got so red. I felt so bad. I snuggled with her for a while after that. I gave her some food and she promptly fell asleep, but in true Ella fashion, she woke up the second I put her in her crib. She started to talk to the bears hanging from the mobile. She kept waking up last night - she must be teething - this is not like her to keep waking up that much. I think Benjamin might have slept the entire night except for maybe one little squeak that a pacifier helped with.

This morning, Benjamin saw that I was leaving and he started to cry. I bent down (he was in the bouncy seat) and I gave him a kiss and gave him my hand. He got a hold of my glove and wouldn't let it go. He had a smile on his face at that moment as if to say, "you can't go now. I have you." I broke free of his strong grasp, and headed toward the door. He started crying again. Aww - he didn't want me to leave. I wanted so much to stay, but I couldn't. I had to walk really fast to the bus stop to make it there on time. I can't wait until we have another car so we can spend more time with each other in the morning and maybe I can switch my work hours so I can get home earlier (if I'm given the approval).

December is going to be a busy month as it is every year, but this year, is even busier. We've met new people through our childbirth classes so we're getting together with them, and this year, most of my support group are parents so we're getting together to celebrate. What a wonderful year we've all had. Except for one lady who had her baby in late 2006, we've all had our babies in 2007 (that reminds me, I need to send a birthday card to my friend's child who turns 1 on Sunday).

This weekend, we're going to a friend's choir concert and to a Toys for Tots event that another friend does every year. Hopefully, the weather cooperates!

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