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Monday, November 26, 2007

A Long Post for Monday

Hopefully, all goes well with my mother-in-law’s doctor appointment today. She’s meeting with a neurologist.

I finished reading Happiness Sold Separately. For those that may not know, it is about a couple who went through fertility treatments and all that entails, then early in the book, the main female character learns that her husband is having an affair. The woman had distanced herself from her husband – falling into this black hole I think a lot of us know all too well. A lot of the things that the character says about her treatments and failing to get pregnant or keep a pregnancy is what I believe a lot of us feel. However, there was one thing that kind irked me and I’ll write about it below the line so if you don’t want to know part of the story – don’t read below the line!

So a while ago, I asked for advice on how to carry the twins into and out of daycare when there is only parent around. Since we have the new convertible car seats installed, we no longer can carry them out in the car seats as these ones stay in the car. This morning, Jon tried the plan of putting one baby in the Bjorn and carrying the other – well, when one leans over to get the other baby while one is in the Bjorn – the Bjorn baby will squirm and try to wiggle her way out of the Bjorn. So that won’t work. Onto the next idea of using a stroller. Either, Jon will have to call the daycare to tell them when he’s outside so he can go in through the garage (the day care is on the bottom floor of the house) or he’s going to have wheel the stroller over and ring the doorbell with one baby in arms, and go back down the stairs after he hands over one baby to go get the other. Of course, this means we need to go get a stroller now. We were going to wait a bit, but I guess not anymore. At least when I go pick them up later, someone at the daycare can help me bring them out to the car.

Benjamin hasn’t rolled over since that one time he did so the other day. Ella is still the roll over queen (from her tummy to her back anyway). Last night, we got suckered into letting the babies sleep with us. First, Ella woke up screaming and I went to go give her a pacifier. That worked for a bit, but then later, she woke up again, and next thing I know, Jon is back in our room laying down with her. When Benjamin woke a while later, I tried the pacifier trick, but that wasn’t working. I picked him up and I just loved holding him so I just brought him to bed with me. I didn’t get much sleep after that – he kept making weird noises and I couldn’t stop looking at him laying there so peaceful. Ella looked equally peaceful. My little happy family – Oliver was in there too, but no Sophie.

After the couple tries to reconcile, they are a bit more relaxed about sex and what do you know, they get pregnant! So if you’re trying to get pregnant, just relax! UGH! Unfortunately, that happiness of being pregnant took a really sad turn and they ended up having a miscarriage after seeing the heartbeat on two separate occasions and after graduating to the OB’s office. The couple later learns why the miscarriage occurred and why she wasn’t able to stay pregnant.

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