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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Talk

Yesterday, I spent some time organizing the blogs that I read into categories. I haven't finished yet and I'm not sure when I will. That area of my blog has needed some updates for a while.

For a while, I've thought about starting a new blog here on blogger that will be about being a mom of twins. This blog will continue to be out there if anyone chose to read the archives, but I wouldn't write on this one anymore. This blog isn't about my infertility anymore, so I feel like I should move on from this one and start a new one. I'd need a cutesy title though. Any ideas?

I need to think about whether it would be worth making the switch.

On the topic of twins, Benjamin woke up every 2 hours last night. At 4:30, I just let him lay in bed with me. Jon had Ella upstairs. At first, this wasn't what he wanted, but when I got him closer to me, he settled right in. I guess he needed some snuggle time. I'm thinking he's teething as he's been drooling A LOT lately. Ella has too, I think.

One of the day care ladies was telling us yesterday that Ella is very close to rolling over. I know she's been close - I'm just waiting for her to actually do it. Benjamin, not so much. When I put him on his tummy, he'll lift up his head for a little while, then he's had enough of that. He seems closer to rolling over from his back to his front.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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