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Friday, March 30, 2007

Class & Baby Movements (24 weeks 4 days)

The breastfeeding class last night at the hospital was a good one, but it is still freaking me out. I don’t know if I’ll be able to feed both of the babies at the same time though it would be nice if I could. I think both the hospital one and the UW one are pretty good. The hospital one they gave us dolls to pretend we were feeding our babies – so, of course, she gave us two. It was a bit strange as everyone else has just one. They did all saw “awww” when they heard that we are having twins. Then we watched a video of multiple women feeding their babies. I’m going to try my best to breastfeed our babies.

So last night I did end up feeling one of the babies move around – I’m pretty sure it was the girl. I coughed and I think that startled her as she started to move around quite a bit. I thanked her for the reassurance that gave me. Our baby boy might have moved a little last night too. :-D

One thing that bugged me a bit last night was that I had this constant pain under the top part of my ribs that would bug me each time I lifted up my left arm which I do a bit lately to steady myself when I get out of bed. With the soreness in my inner thigh, it makes the first few steps a little wobbly. And for the past couple days, I am finding it difficult to lift up my leg which causes a bit of a problem when drying my leg after getting out of the shower or when trying to put on some pants. I’ve pretty much given up on putting on my own socks – I need some help with that one. I’m hoping when my PT appointment comes around, she is able to help me with my walking and leg lifting issues as well as my back and hips.

Tomorrow is the first of many baby showers I’m going to. Then in the afternoon tomorrow, Jon’s parents are coming up to visit with us. On Sunday, Jon and I are going to the Infant CPR class given by the hospital, then after that, we’re meeting up with some friends to play some games on their Wii. Before the class, vanpool girl is coming over to bring a swing that her son doesn’t use anymore. That’s pretty much our weekend. At some point this weekend, I need to find some kitty food that isn’t a part of the recall or pretty much anything that isn’t manufactured by Menu Foods. My kitties are expecting their wet food for dinner and I don’t feel comfortable giving it to them even if their food wasn’t part of the original recall.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  • At 5:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    be careful with the Wii. I think my shoulder pain started from the baseball game on the Wii?


  • At 9:13 AM , Blogger Nickie said...

    I was also going to caution you to be very gentle with yourself while playing the Wii. After the first time I did the bowling, my glutes were quite sore. Guess I don't do enough lunges in daily life! LOL

    Have fun.


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