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Thursday, January 04, 2007

NT Scan

Thank you to everyone's comments to yesterday's post. I really appreciate it!!!

Well, the NT scan went really well. Both of our little wigglers are measuring close to 13 weeks, and their heartbeats were 152 and 162. They wiggled around a little bit today, but not as much as last week. One of the babies refused to move from its sleeping position on its right side so the U/S person could get a picture of the baby from the side. She had me lay on my right side, then my left side, then shake my butt around, but this baby was comfy right where he/she was at, thank you very much. It was funny because at one point, the tech asked the baby to move for her and it actually looked like the baby shook his/her head no.

The other baby was laying on his/her back and had one of his/her arms up by their face. That one was wiggling around more than our little stubborn baby mentioned above.

The U/S person measured the babies to see if they showed signs of Down's and everything was normal of which I am grateful for.

With today's ultrasound (and with any of the others), I was close to letting out some tears. With each ultrasound, I am more and more believing that this is actually happening.

In other news, I should have known better than to talk too soon when it comes to nausea. Brushing my teeth these days usually makes me gag, but this morning, it made me throw up even though there was nothing in my tummy to throw up. So afterwards, I had something in my throat that was making me cough and the U/S person stopped a couple times so I could try to fix the problem. Ugh, I am so looking forward to the nausea being completely gone!



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