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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cute Updates (and not so cute)

Today, all 3 kids got their flu shot and their H1N1 shot. I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous about the whole H1N1 shot even though rationally I know everything will be o.k. Apparently, Ben didn't cry at all (I wasn't able to go) but just flinched a little. He got a cool shiny band-aid. Well, Ella saw this and apparently thought that it was a cool fun thing, so he stated enthusiastically that it was her turn...she didn't like it so much, it turns out. Neither did Nicholas who gave Jon an angry cry.

Onto the cute updates...

The other day Ella was playing with her baby swing I got at a sale. I recently put the batteries in it so she had it going (that thing moves FAST) and the music playing. She started talking to her baby and at one point said "You having fun, baby? You're a silly boy!" Something I'm sure I've said to Nicholas a number of times.

Nicholas is a crawling guy and will now pull himself up to his feet using the Fisher Price farm or a chair. He has his butt sticking out a little bit and last night, he was doing a bit of a booty dance. He also starting saying "ma" a lot more and enjoying the game of "pass the baby!" between the two parents. The other day, he was crawling all around and came across a small orange inflatable ball a coworker gave the twins one day when we came (that, of course, they fought over). He would get to it and it would roll away - he kept crawling all around the livingroom with it.

Benjamin has taken to not only "reading" his books but also my books. There are no pictures in there, but he is fascinated by it anyway. Ella, seeing this, has also joined in a time or two.

I think it is coming close to me not pumping at work anymore. I feel incredibly guilty about this and feel like I'm letting Nicholas down. I just can't do it at work anymore. It's a frustrating experience and there isn't much milk coming out anyway. I wish that I could keep going until he's a year old. I will continue to pump in the mornings before I leave for work and breastfeed him at night for a while longer, but pumping at work will be stopping. Sorry my little guy. We do have enough frozen breastmilk to last for a little bit longer so we will get close to one year, but I'm not sure if we'll get quite to one year, as was my goal. (And, of course, now that I'm thinking about it and it's nearly time to go home, I'm feeling the need to pump but I'll still only get a little bit out of the whole process).

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