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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The children loved the bus - so much so, they insist on going on it again instead of going to preschool/daycare. I'm not sure when we'll be able to go again. This Saturday is our Santa picture time at my work and Sundays are usually busy with church and getting laundry done.

Last night, Ella wanted Benjamin to lay down on the floor so she could change his diaper. She got everything ready. The diaper, the diaper rash cream and even got him a little pillow in which to rest his head. Funny. All the time, she is cleaning her baby doll's diapers and saying they have an "owie butt". Poor Benjamin has quite the rash going right now and we're trying to get rid of it. Pretty soon, we will be potty training the kids. First, we will work on Ella who seems more likely to be into it. We will work on her during Thanksgiving time while at Christmas time, we will work on Benjamin. We chose these times because one of us will have a chunk of time off around that time and so we can devote more straight days to the task.

Also, last night, Nicholas crawled over to this Fisher Price barn we have and pulled himself up to his knees then to his feet. Good thing we lowered his crib mattress the other night! This little guy wants to get up and run around with his brother and sister already!

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