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Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have a crawler...

I am so bad - I really want to document Nicholas growing up as much as I did with the twins.

Anyway, Nicholas is definitely a crawler now. He has been for about a week or two now. He's gotten quite good at it. And he seems to understand the word dance because when I say to him, you gonna dance, he starts swaying from side to side. His two favorite activities are crawling over the floor puzzle and messing with it while Ben & Ella are playing with it (they don't like that too much) and blowing raspberries.

He has had a lot of different kinds of foods, including Gerber puffs. He loves those - as do the twins...still. They insist I give them some when I get some out for Nicholas. Don't bother telling them they are for the baby.

Both Ben & Ella like to play with puzzles. Ben likes to play with some different types of computers at the daycare.

They went trick or treating for the first time this year (see pics at They don't quite get it yet and forgot all about the candy once it was out of site. Wish the same could be said about their parents. :-D

Ben was a lion, Ella was a pink poodle and Nicholas was a pumpkin.

We also went to a farm this year to look at the pumpkins and went through a hay maze. The maze had a slide at the top that both kids went down. They also got to look at different animals and eat some kettle corn. Good times!

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