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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ella now has a fourth tooth coming in on top. Because of that, she likes to grind her teeth together. It freaks me out because it sounds like she's chewing on something she shouldn't be - well, besides her own teeth.

As far as other updates, my husband does a better job of writing about our children these days. I get too busy at work most days, then am too tired/busy to write about anything at night. Benjamin and Ella are now 13 months. To celebrate, we went to the beach in the morning (will upload pics eventually), then later that day, we went out to lunch (which we rarely ever do). After lunch, Jon took Benjamin and hung out with him and Ella was with me. We decided to stick around inside the mall most of the time because it was HOT outside. Ella fell asleep. When we met up again, we had some ice cream.

The next day, we walked around Greenlake. Then we inflated their pool and they went into their pool for a bit. Really, Benjamin was in their pool for a while. Ella was in the pool for a bit. Apparently, the temperature of the water wasn't to her liking. It felt good to me. She ended up sitting on my lap most of the time with her feet in the pool. She did look really cute in her purple bikini with white flowers. :-D I failed to take a picture of her in her bikini, but if it is nice this weekend, I'll try to take a picture then. Benjamin wore his little swim trunks he's worn before.

I finished the scrapbook that my boss made for Ben & Ella. They turned out really well. Now I just need to finish my pregnancy scrapbook...and fill out Ben & Ella's baby books.

Thanks to everyone for your input to my organic versus regular whole milk question. Right now, we've decided to do organic at home and regular at the daycare -a bit of a compromise. I did notice that the whole milk that Cos&tco sells is RBST free which is the hormone that everyone is all nervous about right? I'm thinking of going ahead and using that milk because it is free of that hormone and a lot cheaper than buying organic.



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