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Friday, March 28, 2008

Melts My Heart

Benjamin's new sound: Mom-ma Mommmmmma. He said it over and over again. He may or may not know what that sound means, but in either case, it still melts my heart. He did say to Jon this morning "Hi Da" or something that sounded a lot like it. :-D

Ella has apparently pulled herself up with the toy bin - she pulled herself up to her knees to look into the bin. She tossed aside toys until she found the one she wanted. I didn't see it (Jon did), but I imagine it was super cute.

The daycare lady said not only is Ella going through the tunnel at the daycare, she would much rather go through the tunnel (crying all the way) than go around the little playmat. Silly girl! I did make her go through the tunnel for me last night - she cried all the way through and when she got out, she gave a big smile. Am I mean or what? I just had to see if for myself. All the while, Benjamin was on the other side of the playmat saying "mom-ma". :-D



  • At 7:33 PM , Blogger Alli said...

    OMG Heather! That is so sweet! I can't wait. All I hear is DADADADA and he's not even in the country. Also, we hear something that sounds like hi (haaaaaa) with a semi-arm wave. We read so much into every move she makes! LOL

  • At 5:19 AM , Blogger The Dunn Family said...

    It's the best sound in the world isn't it? The pulling up is fun! Just don't be nervous about the falls that come along with it! We had our first bloody nose when they were practicing pulling up, and I totally freaked!! Just know it's normal for them to get a few bumps and bruises! Enjoy the fun to come!


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