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Monday, January 14, 2008


Saturday morning, we gave the babies a new food to try - sweet potatoes. They seemed to like it o.k. I guess next week, they are going to get squash though I wanted to try applesauce. As soon as I can, I'll post new pics of them eating their solids!

A friend of mine posted some pics she took of the babies at the New Year's Eve party we went to - I have to point out a couple to everyone - this one and this one. Ella with her pouty lip and Benjamin with his silly smushed face!

We went to a party on Saturday night that one of Jon's friends from college was having - unfortunately, you have to have access to look at the pics she took. There were a couple cute ones of my babies! They were very well-behaved babies until it got closer to bedtime then Benjamin started to get cranky.

Yesterday, Ella said some new words - not sure what she was saying - but both Jon and I noticed! She also got to go to the store with her papa and I'm sure she just loved that. So many things to look at!

This morning, I was helping get the babies ready for daycare and my ride showed up, so I had to put Ella down (Jon was getting Benjamin ready). She did not like that at all. She wanted to be held and she was hungry. She gave me the saddest look with tears coming down. It was SO HARD to leave her like that. :-(

That reminds me. Over the weekend, Jon's mom was holding Benjamin and I was holding Ella. Benjamin looked over at me and started fussing and leaning toward me - he wanted me to hold him. Once we were able to make the switch, Benjamin was a happy little guy. That just made my heart melt! He wanted his mommy!

And sad that the Seahawks not only lost but played horribly. I'm sure the snow didn't help.

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