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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Baby Stories

One of the ladies at the daycare told me an amusing story yesterday - Ella and Benjamin were sitting down (probably in bouncy seats) drinking their milk. Ella finished hers and Benjamin was kinda holding his off to the side - the side Ella was on. Well, Ella grabbed Benjamin's bottle and started drinking it. Benjamin CRIED out (and this is usually the only time he cries - or if he's really tired or someone he doesn't know is holding him (sometimes on the last one). The lady wondered why Benjamin was crying and saw that Ella had his bottle. She pried it out of Ella's hands, gave it back to Benjamin and made Ella a couple more ounces to drink.

She also told me that Ella has been circling around when left on her tummy to get stuff. Benjamin just flips over onto his back and hangs out - content at just hanging out banging his toy like a tambourine.

In other news, I just had lunch with a friend who told me that her high school friend who had done some infertility treatments and who had been trying to get pregnant for around 15 years is now pregnant! And she got pregnant by having sex! That's just wonderful for her - it's good to hear stories like this.

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