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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Return to Work Eve

It's the eve of my return to work. Will I remember how to do it? I think the only thing I may have some issues with is trying to remember how to use certain programs that I use and well, getting back into the swing of things too. It's been 4 1/2 months since I was at work to actually work and not bring the babies for a visit. I suppose another issue I have is that I'm anxious about pumping at work.

I just can't believe it's time to go back already - where does the time go? On the other hand, it feels like forever since I've been there and I am mostly ready to go back. I wish I could work part-time - I'm going to miss my babies while at the same time, enjoying the ability to eat my food at a slow pace and not stand for hours on end because a baby or two won't let me sit down.

Well, enough about that. Some cute little stories - Benjamin is such a boy - he finds farting and burping funny. He laughed when he does those sometimes.

Both babies like to stick our their tongues - Benjamin finds it amusing when I stick out my tongue back at him.

Ella loves to go outside for a walk - she just looks all around and is in awe of everything. So cute! Benjamin immediately falls asleep when we go outside and maybe briefly looks around at his surroundings. On our walk tonight, we got stopped by a woman who wanted to look at our twins and she said that she just adopted a baby from Guatemala (baby is 14 months old, I think she said). She said that she had some rice cereal that she doesn't need and asked if we wanted it, so we said sure. This woman's yard had a little playground set and I told Jon we should become friends so our babies can play on that playground set - oh and they had a treehouse too. She mentioned that there are a lot of girls in the neighborhood, but not many boys so I guess Benjamin will have a lot of girls to flirt with!

As for how the babies are doing sleep wise - Benjamin is still waking up once or twice each night while Ella just sleeps the entire night - about 11 hours she sleeps. I wish we could figure out a way to get Benjamin to realize it's o.k. to sleep that long. We got one of those Swaddle Me blankets from someone and tried it out on Ella since Benjamin is too big for this one and she likes it, so we got one for Benjamin (we were putting him in a sleep sack blanket) to see if that might help. I'm a little nervous about still swaddling them so I hope it won't be too hard to wean them off that.

And I feel like a bad mother right now - tonight, when we were giving the babies a bath, Jon noticed that Benjamin had somehow gotten some hair wrapped around his middle toe on one of his feet. The hair was wrapped so tight around his toe that the toe was all red and puffy. He didn't enjoy getting the hair cut off of him at all. I feel like such a bad mom for not noticing before now and that his toe looks so bad. I hope his toe is o.k.! :-(

Well, that's all for now. Time to get stuff ready for tomorrow so I'm not rushing to get out the door tomorrow. It makes me a bit sad that my babies might not be awake by the time I have to leave. It's going to be hard to away from them that long - if only I could work a half day but unfortunately, I used up a good amount of my vacation with first trying to have the babies and then with my maternity leave. The rest I need to save for Christmas.

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  • At 4:53 AM , Blogger OHN said...

    I remember sobbing my heart out when I realized that I only had 2 weeks left at home before returning to work. Between sobs I told husband that I couldn't believe that we had tried forever and waited forever for this little boy and I didn't want to leave. I think he thought he might have to have me committed that night:)

    I hope your first day back wasn't too hard.

  • At 2:14 PM , Blogger Beagle said...

    I hope it was OK.


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