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Monday, September 17, 2007

Sticking to a routine

One year ago yesterday, we started the IVF process with me taking birth control pills. It's funny that the IVF process starts that way. I'm so glad that we did IVF - I ended up with two wonderful babies!

This weekend's lesson - stepping away from what little routine that me and the babies have creates a bit of chaos. Saturday afternoon, my mom and brother come over from Spokane. We usually feed the babies their nighttime feedings in the bedroom (and when I'm alone, I feed them in there too during the day) and I think they just know it is time for bed after that. They've been sleeping good number of hours - Ella more so - and they usually go to bed somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30. Well, Saturday, they wouldn't go to bed then and didn't go to bed until after 10. They slept o.k. once they finally settled down. Then yesterday, I had some friends over to celebrate my b-day (was supposed to be a bbq, but with the weather, I got some pizzas). The babies didn't really sleep too well in their bed while people were here (they slept a lot in people's arms) and then when they went to bed for the night, Benjamin woke up twice during the night (at midnight and 3) and Ella woke at 4, then again a short time later (lately, Benjamin's been waking up once and Ella sleeps up until 5 or 6). I liked having everyone here and would like to have everyone over again, so Jon and I need to figure out how to keep to a routine with people here. Oh, and we're starting to move the babies to their cribs at night - I'm sure that won't help out with their sleeping at night so much...we'll see though.

They've been o.k. on their napping today, thankfully. So, anyway, having children has made me realize that those people who always needed to stick to a schedule with their children and I always wondered if they had to be so strict about it, I understand now. Although we don't have a schedule really, but we do have a routine and I think I should try to stick to it as much as possible or cranky kids will be coming!

On the positive side of things, I had a good time at my party. Thanks to everyone for coming and to Ally for making the cake!

As for presents, my parents gave me the soundtrack to the 3rd season of Grey's Anatomy so I finally have that song they played on the last scene of the last episode. My sister gave me Popeye - I haven't seen that movie in forever! And Jon's mom gave me a free day to do whatever I want. She and my sister-in-law are coming up on Wednesday to watch the babies, so I scheduled my 90 minute massage (so looking forward to that) and I hope to also get a haircut that day too, but we'll see if the timing works out - I need to call tomorrow for an appointment. Tomorrow, I'll have some free time, but to go to a CLE in the morning - woo hoo (sarcasm).

Well, that's all for now.

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  • At 10:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey!! the soundtrack to grey's anatomy was my idea, just it hadn't came out in time for me to send it over. I was thinking about the dvd's of season 3 but it was too much for me to spend. Anyway, hope you like Popeye as much as I do.

    (lazy me)


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