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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another Update

I finally have a chance to blog again -

Ben and Ella are doing well. Ella is still our little princess, but Ben seems to be starting some crying contest with his sister. It's great that after his first day of life outside the womb that he has such strong lungs now, those babies can scream if they don't get their food right away. Thankfully, Ben will breastfeed so I can at least settle him that way at least some of the time. When Ben cries, his little face turns so red! At one point the other day, he was crying so hard that he seemed to have forgotten to inhale and that just freaked me out! I held onto my little boy for some time after that.

Both babies are starting to become more alert too and taking in their surroundings. They are just so cute with those big eyes looking all around. I do love my sweet babies.

I have to admit though that I am still quite anxious about being on my own with them - I can't stand to see them cry - especially when they go from 0-60 in crying in such a short time and I can't get their food ready as quickly as they want it or I can't hold them both at the same time (though Jon's coworker is letting us borrow a sling that somehow will enable me to carry both twins at the same time). Jon, on the other hand, has no anxiety about being alone with the twins as he is said he will watch the twins so I can go to the midnight book release party for the final Harry Potter book (so excited!!! - though will I have time to read the book - probably not). I had thought about not going and I suppose I still might not depending on how tired I am, and boy am I tired, but it's the final book so I kinda wanna go. I went to go reserve my copy at the nearest B&N this morning.

Oh, and my boss offered to babysit the babies along with her daughter (I think) so Jon and I can go out on a date - I'm hoping she's available soon as I thought Jon and I could go see the 5th Harry Potter movie (or if that's sold out, I still haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean since I was in the hospital when it came out). Speaking of my boss, I'm going to go to my office on Monday to visit and to drop off paperwork to add the twins to my health insurance. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing them to my babies. It will be their longest car ride thus far. I haven't really gone anywhere with them on my own either - Jon has usually put them in the car seat (as it has hurt to bend over though it feels better now) and he has put them in the car as I'm not supposed to lift things that heavy (but I'm allowed to do so now). We'll see how things go, so I'll let you know Alli!

Well, that's about all for now. Hope Nickie is doing well after having her baby boy! Hope it isn't too much longer for Alli to meet her baby girl! I'm looking forward to hearing the news of the births! We will definitely all need to get together with our babies and when Carol's come too!

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  • At 11:44 AM , Blogger Nickie said...

    glad things are going so well with the babies!!!

    we definitely need another get together soon. I can't drive for another week or so, and we have family in town for a while, but I bet I can sneak away with baby for a lunch closer to the end of this month.


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