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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Update on breastfeeding - I got the bra/bustier at Birth & Beyond that Carol had mentioned in my post the other day. I stopped by on my way to my OB appointment on Tuesday. I used it for the first time Tuesday night and this thing is great! I maybe should have gotten the bigger size, but I can now read my week by week baby book while pumping. Lovely! And I don't have to worry about leaking if I lose my grip! Super lovely!

Regarding my OB visit - I actually saw the Nurse Practioner the other day. Apparently, I'm a bit of a mini-celebrity in my OB's office since I was on the hospital stay list for so long. Something to be proud of, I'm sure. ;-D

She said that it was nice to meet the person whose name she recognized though I feel like I saw her at least once while I was in the hospital and I know she was the NP we saw at our very first appointment in that office, but I suppose that first visit was a while ago and I'm not exactly sure she was the NP who came to me in the hospital toward the end.

Anyway, she said my incision looks good. She took off the rest of the steri-strips. I asked her about this bump I noticed above my belly button and she said it might be fatty tissue caused by my huge belly I had while pregnant. She said to keep an eye on it, but it should go away on its own. She also said that I can start to lift more things and exercise a bit more, so we'll see how that goes. I took a walk the other day by myself to a nearby park and that seemed too much. We also discussed Ben's circumcision - they didn't do it in the hospital because he was born a bit too early. It is now scheduled for next Monday in the OB's office, but I need to push that back a week as Monday I might be on my own and the week after, my mom will be here. Jon will be going with me to that appointment as it was his decision to have Ben circumcised. I think that was about all we talked about - oh, she did ask me about any postpartum depression symptoms I might be having. I think I do have some bit of baby blues.

Yesterday, when I was on my own for 4 hours with them, things were going well but then both babies wanted to be held and I'm just not coordinated enough to pick up 2 - 2 week old babies on my own. I laid them down next to me and that wasn't doing the trick for the longest time. Eventually, I was able to quiet them down so I could pump but it took a while and well, I did have a bit of a breakdown. Two babies at once is a lot of work - I need all the help I can get so I would welcome any help - especially next Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday when I might be on my own. :-D

Oh, back to breastfeeding - in response to a comment on my last post. I did get Ella to go on my breast for a little while. I was so happy she did so, but later on, she wanted nothing to do with it. She can be quite finicky and when she shows signs of hunger, she means right that very moment she wants some food and even though the breast is right there, she doesn't want it - to much work, I guess. I'm trying my best here. As long as she is getting some breast milk at this point, I'm o.k with that. There is just no way I can exclusively breastfeed twins - if others can do it, that is wonderful for them, but I just can't. Plus, the pediatrician wants us to supplement with formula to keep their weight up and I'm o.k. with that.

Thanks Kerry Lynn for your comment the other day - it's good to know that others with twins didn't pump for too long. I'm going to try to breastfeed and pump as long as I can - the original goal was 6 months but that will most likely change. Speaking of, time to go pump again!

Oh, and one small thing - I had completely forgotten until my husband mentioned it to me while he was writing his version of our birth story (of which you can read here - he's not quite done yet though) is that our daughter pooped on the doctor when the doctor pulled her out. I'm sure that is something that she will want others to know.

My version of the birth story can be found here.

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