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Monday, February 19, 2007

19 weeks!!!

Wow – can you believe that I’m 19 week pregnant? I can’t. Since doctors don’t like twin pregnancies going beyond 38 weeks, I guess you could say I’m halfway through this pregnancy. That’s just unbelievable to me!

Well, this weekend was another busy one. On Saturday, my husband and I started our baby registry. I’m sure I’m missing something and some things we put on there are things that we plan to get ourselves – we just wanted to keep track of the things that we thought we needed or wanted and this seemed like a good way to do it. We probably added things we didn’t need either (if my friends want to look at my registry – just go to Babies*”R*Us and type in my last name – maybe you can tell me what I’m missing and what I should take off).

Anyway, we were at the store for about 2 hours – I am so glad that they have those glider chairs in the store so I could have a break from all the walking! My feet are already starting to look swollen, so I don’t need them getting too much worse this soon in the pregnancy. And it didn’t help that I woke up that morning with a huge cramp in my leg after I stretched – OUCH!!! It was fun though – something I’ve been wanting to do for so long and I finally get to do it.

Before the registry fun, we went to go look at a crib that one of the professor’s at Jon work has. Perhaps those of you might like to provide your opinion – how old is too old of a crib to get? This one is 8 years old. I would really prefer a more recent one than that – say within the last 2-3 years. Is this a ridiculous way to think? My sister has a crib too – that, I believe, is a little older than this one and I like hers better than this one, but like I said, I’d like a newer one (and preferably one that converts to a toddler bed and I do like white). There is a multiples group sale here in March and another one in April, so I think we may go to those and see what we can find there.

After the registry fun, we went to visit Jon’s family in Tacoma and they took us out to dinner and we got our late Christmas presents from Jon’s brother who lives in San Diego with his family. My in-laws brought the gifts back from them when they were visiting their son and his family in San Diego. We got a couple more outfits for the babies and a book for them. Then I got a maternity sweater (which came in handy that day as the temperature and the weather changed for the worse later in the day) and a necklace, while Jon got a B&N gift card.

Then on Sunday, I went to a baby shower for a support group member. We went to this restaurant on a golf course in Renton for brunch. It was quite nice. There were women there completely shocked that of the 4 of us present that were pregnant, 3 of us were pregnant with twins. They probably wouldn’t be so shocked if they knew all of us did IVF to get pregnant. It was a bit awkward when someone asked me and another friend how we knew the woman we were showering as we didn’t know who she has told and who she hasn’t. We told them we knew each other from a women’s support group. It was fun to finally be able to enjoy a baby shower rather than dreading it.

This weekend seemed so very short since I didn’t have that much time at home (and I’m at work now – no holiday for me today). :-(

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  • At 1:45 PM , Blogger Heather said...

    Congrats on the halfway mark! That is really great news!!

    The registry sounds fun.

    Assvice: I'm not a mom but I would say that as long as it is in good shape and works should be alright. I would buy new mattresses.

  • At 10:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    was the leg cramp like a really bad charlie horse? where you calve muscle contracts and it takes a while for it to release? if so then you might ask the doctor to check your blood iron levels at your next visit.

    I am still trying to get over the excitement of twins!! and now that they are halfway here!! can't wait to meet them, but I will!! ;)

    as for the cribs. it is what you feel comfortable with. newer ones have better safety features, but if the older ones are still in good condition and you feel okay about them, then that is okay too. it is all about how you feel when it comes to them. I am okay with you not wanting mine, I am sure there is someone out there that could use it. and yes it is over 11 years old, but it is so good that it went through all for kids!! and is still good! and it is white!!



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