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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Guy

Some other things going on are:

Nicholas - will grab at his car seat toy with his feet and his hands and play with it. It's quite cute. He's also saying a sound that sounds like "hi" and "ma". I'm choosing to believe he's saying those things and knows what they mean. :-D

oh, and speaking of the Heather Armstrong book - she also said that her daughter used to scratch at the sheet on the bed to let her know when she was awake - Nicholas does that too. I kinda wish he would stop - that really isn't a pleasant sound. She also talked about having to put her baby under general anesthesia for a MRI - we have to put Nicholas under general too when he has his circumcision done when he's 9 months old. We have to wait until this age due to a minor issue. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to it. I don't want to see him knocked out like that at only 9 months old (well, anytime really).

Ella - Will call Nicholas "baby guy" - I'm certain she got this from me saying "Hi my little guy!" and well, I guess she likes baby guy better than little guy. She just loves to play with Nicholas. She also likes to play with Benjamin and I will find them cracking each other up over various things. Tonight, it was walking with crouching position (Ella started this because she dumped water on herself on the way home from a party).It's cute now that Ella will say her own name and Ben's name. This morning, Benjamin was wrestling with Ella and Ella said "Ben, no. Stop Ben." Cuteness. I love hearing them say each other's names and their own!

Benjamin - tonight, while Ella was screaming because she dumped water all over herself in the car, I told her to calm down and that we'd be home soon. Well, then Benjamin decided he would also tell Ella to calm down ("Ella, calm down. Ella! Calm down!" - Ha!). Benjamin is repeating A LOT of what we say. A LOT. Jon told me last night, he said "dammit" and well, guess who repeated that? I can't remember why Jon said that, but he did.


  • At 8:47 AM , Anonymous :-jon said...

    I said a bad word because the toddlers broke the lamp. In the future, when I need to swear, I'll say "Democrat!"


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