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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm reading "I Screamed and Then I Cried" by Heather Armstrong. In the book, she was talking about her daughter just loving her hands and sucking on them like they were the best things in the whole world and if she went to get her daughter changed, she wouldn't like that too much then she would be super excited when the hands could make a come back. Well, I bring this up, because that is Nicholas. He LOVES his hands. He can't stand to be separated from them. He will double thumb it sometimes or stuff his whole hand into his mouth. They are just that delicious.

Speaking of delicious, we went blueberry picking this morning. We told the twins to put the blueberries in the bucket and while they did that sometimes, most of the time, they just would pick them and stuff them into their mouths. Delicious! We wondered if we should have weighed Ben & Ella before and after to make sure the farm got what they deserved to be paid. Benjamin also liked picking up the sawdust or beauty bark or whatever it was and squishing it together in his hands. Super awesome! Then he would rub whatever was left on his hands onto his shirt. I believe he also shared with Ella the joy of the sawdust.

After blueberry picking, we went to lunch then off to meet my aunt before they went to a Mariner's game. My aunt drove over with her grandson (14) and her friend and her friend's granddaughter (also 14). They're from Spokane. We may or may not see them tomorrow as well before they head back. It was nice to see one of my relatives over on my side of the state!

After that, we went to a friend's surprise birthday party. We didn't stay too long though because with all of this, the kids were getting a bit cranky (and well, the parents were getting a bit tired as well).

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