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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

sad news...

Today I learned that one of our executives lost his 17 year old daughter to a car accident a week and a half ago - we got an e-mail that he doesn't want anyone to ask about her or to give him any condolences. To hear the news of her death just saddens me - how incredibly hard it must be to lose one of her children. I hope that none of us ever have to go through such pain.



  • At 5:00 AM , Blogger OHN said...

    So Sad. My son lost a girl/friend to an auto accident 2 years ago. No drugs, no alcohol, just inexperience on the drivers part. (she was one of 4 passengers and the only one that died)The family will never be the same. This family, after a period of time, decided to start a fund to educate teens..this year their 5K raised an enourmous amount of money.

    I can imagine that hearing condolences all day would be unbearable..I bet he is throwing himself into work to avoid feeling tha pain.


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